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Boeing 737 NG Commercial Pilot Bridging Course


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The course aims to bridge the gap between a newly qualified Commercial Pilot and the necessary knowledge and competency you will require for Airline employment and operation. The Low Time Boeing 737 Type Rating Course exceeds the SACAA and ICAO minimum standards and mirrors the Boeing Flight Training footprint.


Who should attend?

Newly qualified Commercial Pilots with more than 250 hours and less than 500 hours total time, who would like to transition to the Boeing 737 type rating.


What will you learn?

During the first phase you will be trained on instrument flying and basic automation use on an FNPT II or higher type device. Once you have completed the first phase to the required standard, you will enter the next phase, which is type specific training. Here you will learn the fundamentals of the Multi-Crew environment and basic operation of the Boeing 737, before moving onto more complex handling and operations. On qualification you will be comfortable with the safe and efficient operation of the Boeing 737, including all the normal operating procedures, non-normal operating procedures and Multi Crew operations pertaining to the B737, which are all in line with the Boeing Training footprint.


What’s covered?

  • 12 Hours Fixed Base Simulator Bridging and Assessment
  • Comprehensive Type Rating Ground School
  • 9 Type Specific Fixed Base Simulator Sessions (4 Hours each)
  • 9 Type Specific Full Flight Simulator Sessions (4 Hours each)
  • Initial Multi-Crew Co-operation certification
  • Skills test



Boeing 737NG Fixed Device Simulator

Boeing 737NG Full Flight Simulator

Boeing 737 Classic Full Flight Simulator


Alt. Academy
+27 11 393 7837
Fortress St & Whirlwind St
Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, 1619

Course facilities

Facilities | Boeing 737NG Fixed Device Simulator
Facilities | Boeing 737NG Full Flight Simulator
Facilities | Boeing 737 Classic Full Flight Simulator