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The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry comprise one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. Globally, the sector is worth over $7.6 trillion and, in Africa, it is playing a major role in boosting employment and economic growth on the continent. A career in this industry, therefore, promises both diversity and growth.




At Alt. Academy’s Travel, Tourism and Hospitality faculty, we see our role as building and supporting the sector by providing talented, skilled and enthusiastic individuals who want to thrive in an ever-expanding industry. Whether learners want to work on ships, aircraft, in the hotel industry, become a travel agent or follow any other related career, our courses are designed to enhance skills and knowledge in preparation for a successful future. We offer a registered NQF Level 5 qualification that focuses on the management and administrative aspects of tourism, including management of tourist attractions, travel arrangements, call/contact centres, foreign currency and accommodation. In addition, we have also introduced a Tourist Guiding, NQF Level 4 Course, which does not require a Grade 12/Matric pass.


For people with an adventurous spirit and the desire to thrive in an industry that is challenging, varied and dynamic, the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry offers something for everyone.

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    Tourist Guiding: NQF Level 4 Further Education and Training Certificate (CATHSSETA ACCREDITED)


    Guides form a critical component of the tourism industry. Our certificate trains learners to become ambassadors for country and industry.

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    Customer Care: NQF Level 4 and/or Level 5 Skills Programme (CATHSSETA Accredited)


    Learn how Customer Service plays a pivotal role in creating customer loyalty, improving relationships and enabling business success.

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    General Travel: NQF Level 5, National Certificate (CATHSSETA ACCREDITED)


    Equipping you for an exciting, dynamic career in the ever-growing travel industry – including airlines, hospitality, Call Centres and more.

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    National Certificate: Food and Beverage Services CATHSSETA accredited ID 14113/NQF4


    Been developed for people in the food and beverage service industry, This qualification brings together elements of food, drink preparation, service as well as supervision.

Frequently asked questions
What are the requirements for becoming a Cabin Crew member?
You need to be 18 years of age at the time of writing the SACAA Cabin Crew member licensing exam hence you may commence with training 6 weeks prior to your 18th birthday.
You need to be in possession of a class 2 medical certificate.
Do you need a matric / NQF Level 4 for the Cabin Crew member course?
Although a matric / NQF Level 4 is not a legislated requirement, most airlines require this as a minimum requirement when recruiting crew members.
How do you get the medical certificate required for the Cabin Crew licensing programme?
The first step is to go for a front view chest X-ray. This is to check for TB and can be done at any radiologist or clinic where they have an X-ray facility.
Step 2 would be to make an appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner. The X-ray must be taken with you to the medical examiner as it forms part of the medical certification process. A list of medical examiners will be found on the SACAA’s website i.e. www.caa.co.za
Do you have a payment plan in place?
Cabin Crew Licensing Training: A R1 000 registration fee is required to reserve your space on the course – this registration fee forms part of the course fee.  A 50% deposit is required on commencement of training and the balance, 4 weeks after training has commenced.
General Travel: A R1 000 registration fee is required to reserve your space on the course – this registration fee forms part of the course fee. A deposit of R4 000 prior to course commencement. A monthly repayment of R4 400 is then required throughout the year.
Do you have accommodation available?
We have service providers who offer our Cabin Crew and Ground Handling learners accommodation. They include meals and transportation to and from our training centre.  Please contact us for more details.
Do you offer bursaries?
Cabin Crew and Ground Handling bursaries are allocated to a children’s home with whom we have an agreement in place. We do run a bursary competition on our Facebook Page a few times a year so keep an eye out.

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