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6 weeks
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Requalification Training


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EPT Aviation Training


Registration number: 2009/023979/07

CAA Accreditation CAA/0103




South African Civil Aviation Regulations require that a Cabin Crew Member who has not operated an aircraft or who has not attended Recurrent Training within a 36 months period, undergo a Re-qualification programme.


What will you learn?

The Cabin Crew member licensing course involves demanding and strenuous training which includes Fire Fighting, emergency evacuations, aviation medicine, dangerous goods, decompression, ditching, survival, security and many other modules, preparing you to efficiently handle any situation which could occur on board an aircraft.

Our training modules are more comprehensive than is required by the SACAA. Modules include:

  • General SEPT (Initial, Refresher and Exam)
  • Theoretical and Practical modules relating to Aviation Medicine
  • Theoretical Safety policies and procedures
  • Aircraft type training
  • Air Law
  • Practical Emergency Procedures include: Use of Emergency and survival equipment, Ditching and Survival Training, Live Fire Fighting, Evacuation from an aircraft
  • Practical and Theoretical Aircraft Type Training
  • Security
  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods by air
  • Crew Resource Management
  • South African licence holder will not be required to re-write the licensing examination


Who should attend?

Individuals that are licensed but have not flown in 36 months


Entry requirements

  • A Class 4 medical certificate – The medical is required when we apply for your Cabin Crew member’s license with the SACAA. 
  • Proficient in the English language


Alt. Academy
+27 11 395 3630/
+27 11 973 0009/
+27 72 149 5997

Denel North Gate, Building R2 1st Floor, 3 – 8 Atlas Road
Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, 1619
South Africa

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