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Coaching Skills for Managers

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One of the biggest challenges facing managers today is the ability to motivate staff, gain their trust and respect, and create an environment which enables team members to perform consistently at their best.


Unfortunately, not many managers know how to have effective one-on-one conversations or productive team discussions. Inspirational leaders are able to build cross-functional relationships, connect with and support colleagues at all levels. They empower others and assist team members in their development. Importantly, they can provide positive and generative feedback and welcome feedback in return.


An Action Learning approach enables highly experiential learning in an engaging and enjoyable format. Each new skill builds on the learning from the previous one, enabling extensive practice to develop competence. Concepts become tangible, allowing new knowledge to be integrated and applied immediately into the workplace context at the end of the programme.


This course is designed to provide your managers with these key leadership skills.
They will learn how to:

  • Build rapport easily and naturally
  • Create trusting and collaborative relationships
  • Listening for understanding rather than to respond
  • Understand different styles of thinking and responding
  • Ask insightful questions with precision
  • Manage their states to be at their best in any situation (EQ)
  • Enable accountability in others
  • Use a variety of leadership styles appropriate to different contexts
  • Use creative problem-solving techniques
  • Manage conflict to reconcile positions and achieve common understanding
  • Give useful feedback


Coaching Skills for Managers is ideally a 3-day workshop, which can be reduced if need be. It is designed to give the appropriate level of knowledge and competency to deliver organisational results. Whilst the course content is structured to deliver the required competencies, the programme can be customised to incorporate the needs of the business. The essence of the programme is to create awareness and competence in using a coaching approach to develop resourceful relationships, manage and empower people, and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders at various levels.


Coaching Skills for Managers is delivered for organisations on demand.

Who should attend?

Managers at any level.
Minimum of 6, maximum of 20 participants per workshop.


All workshops are co-facilitated by two of Metaco's Senior Executive Coaches. Co-facilitation means that while one coach is facilitating, the other is observing the group dynamics. In this way we ensure that the concepts are understood, and that any confusion or questions can be quickly addressed. All participants receive personal attention during experiential activities, and in this way we ensure that participants immediately implement their learning.