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Participants often leave training courses and workshops having gained useful new knowledge. The difficulty is often around how to incorporate this new knowledge once they get back into their respective workplace situations. Whilst people complete their training with an understanding of what needs to be done, they very often don't know how to do it when they get back to the workplace. As a result it often happens that the expected degree of change is not seen.


When learning new skills, people need to be clear about what the competence is, how to acquire and integrate it, and how to show it on the job.


Metaco's workshops blend Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Action Learning to enable participants to identify the specific behaviours and skills that make up the target competence within the contexts of their own work circumstances. Our workshops are highly interactive, very practical and a lot of fun. Powerful, energetic development activities engage all the senses, and are especially effective.


Participants are able to define any specific internal and external challenges to implementation and come up with solutions to address these. They leave with both the what and the how to be able to immediately start implementing the new knowledge.


The following courses can be delivered as half day or full day interventions, with a level of complexity appropriate to the participants. The course content is adapted to incorporate the culture and contexts of your organization to deliver a learning experience that is effective and relevant.


Leadership Development

Constructive Conflict
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Managing Different Generations
Creative Problem Solving
Managing Change
Creating Agile, Resilient Teams
Action Logics and the Levels of Work


Personal Development

Personal Mastery
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management and Personal Productivity
Mindfulness at Work (Managing Stress and Overload)


These workshops are delivered in-house for organisations, on demand.


Workshops are facilitated by Senior Metaco Coaches who are certified NLP Practitioners and accredited to deliver NLP-based training.

Useful to know

NLP consists of a set of powerful techniques for rapid and effective behavioural modification, with an operational philosophy to guide their use.
Using an NLP framework for business training leads to greatly improved communication, confidence, motivation and successful implementation of new skills.