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Power-Up with Diversity

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In a truly inclusive organization employees openly leverage their cultural, racial, gender and background and other social differences, alongside their various areas of interest and expertise to foster fresh thinking, new perspectives and creative innovation.


The benefits are significant. Recent research shows that system-wide appreciation for difference results in impressive advantages for companies that are able to effectively and fairly practice inclusion at all levels.


The statistics speak for themselves

Inclusively diverse teams outperform industry standards by 35%
A 1% increase in racial diversity translates into a 3% increase in profit
Organizations with the highest racial diversity achieved almost 15 times more sales revenue on average than competitors with lowest levels
For every 1% increase in gender diversity, revenue increases by up to 9%


Diversity can no longer be simply a check-box exercise. Numbers alone are not enough. Worldwide, thriving 21st Century organizations value difference as a key driver of strategic, ethical and financial success. Alongside this appreciation for difference comes a deliberate focus on inclusion, belonging and support.


Metaco's Power-Up programme is a medium-term programme that deals with the conscious and unconscious biases we all have in one way or another, together with other systemic and psychological barriers to sustainable behavioural change.


Simply telling people what is expected seldom delivers the desired results – at any level of leadership. Our programmes with existing leadership teams and small groups include role play (using professional external role-players), to provide a safe environment for experimentation and realistic learning in context, ongoing skills development and feedback. In this way existing theoretical knowledge can be intentionally translated into congruent and measurable action, across the entire organizational system.