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  • Passenger Ground Handling

    Broadly speaking, ground handling within an aviation context explores the many service requirements of an aircraft, between the time it arrives at the … more

  • What happens When...

    What happens When...for Flight Attendants

    Regardless of the time of day or the flight schedule ahead, a Flight Attendant always arrives for duty in full … more

  • Corporate Flight Attendant

    Being a Corporate Flight Attendant is vastly different from being a Cabin Crew Member in an airline, as it often requires you to assume multiple … more

  • Flight Attendant

    A tourist can choose where they want to travel to, but as a Flight Attendant you go where the Airline you work for sends you.

    From short haul/domestic flights … more

  • Travel and Tourism

    The travel and tourism sector remains one of the largest and most dynamic industries in today’s global economy. Travel and tourism, with its immense social … more

  • The Life of a Flight Attendant

    The life of a Flight Attendant is quite unique. It is not merely a “job” but a lifestyle – a lifestyle of people, planes, travel and adventure.  … more

  • Hospitality

    If you have ever stayed in a hotel, eaten in a restaurant, flown on an aeroplane or taken a cruise to an exotic destination you have experienced hospitality in some … more

  • The importance of Cabin Crew member teamwork on an aircraft

    As a cabin crew member, ensuring passenger and crew safety will always be your most prominent duty. Teamwork plays a … more

  • A Layover in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, with over 7 million people with the population being scattered throughout its more than 200 islands. Hong Kong is in … more