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  • The importance of Cabin Crew member teamwork on an aircraft

    As a cabin crew member, ensuring passenger and crew safety will always be your most prominent duty. Teamwork plays a … more

  • A Layover in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis, with over 7 million people with the population being scattered throughout its more than 200 islands. Hong Kong is in … more

  • Memories of a flight to Rio de Janeiro as a Cabin Crew Member

    Recently I was scheduled to do a 10-day flight to Rio. As this flight was during the period when the Rio Carnival … more

  • South African Provinces and Cities

    Tourism is a booming trade in South Africa. On International flights, passengers will often ask cabin crew members many questions about South … more

  • My first flight to Mauritius as a Cabin Crew member

    On my first flight to Taiwan, we had a 4-day layover in Mauritius on route. Being an avid “sun lover” I was truly excited at … more

  • The Importance of Personal Hygiene when working as an Air Hostess / Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew

    Air Hosts / Hostesses are required to be immaculately groomed at all times.  … more

  • As a fellow cabin crew member herewith, some of my favourite places to visit and foods to eat on a visit to Portugal.

    1 Day tour:

    Cross bridge 25 de Abril to Setúbal (Can stop … more

  • The effects of world time zones and distance travel

    The following article is a guide for crew members who are working a flight or travelling on vacation on how to best handle … more

  • Hotel Safety

    Crew Members will spend much of their time in hotels. The hotels which airline operators accommodate their crew members in are of a high standard and are located … more