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Corporate Flight Attendant

Being a Corporate Flight Attendant is vastly different from being a Cabin Crew Member in an airline, as it often requires you to assume multiple roles such as chef, hostess, nanny, official greeter, secretary, personal assistant, travel agent and more, over and above the duties of those expected of any Air Hostess.  Whatever role you are required to assume, you must be good at it, and be able to think on your feet in a professional and confident manner.

Leadership skills and the ability to make sound decisions are an absolutely necessity, and the ability to maintain confidentiality is vital and sometimes the most important aspect of being a Corporate/VIP Flight Attendant.  VIP passengers value their privacy, and therefore nothing you see, hear or experience with these passengers is to be discussed without their explicit permission. 

A Corporate Flight Attendant is responsible for catering to each passengers’ individual needs with regards food, beverages, comfort and safety. Passengers may include royalty, politicians, celebrities or company executives, but regardless of their status all passengers should be given a First-Class Executive Service.  Finding out about any dietary requirements, allergies, likes and dislikes should be achieved before planning menus and services to be offered to the passengers.

Decorating and maintaining the interior of the aircraft is also the responsibility of a Corporate Flight Attendant, and it is important to establish what the passengers’ preference is with regards lighting, entertainment, newspapers and magazines, flower arrangements, and anything else the passenger considers to be important to make their flight comfortable and enjoyable.

Private Jets are furnished lavishly with expensive and exclusive fabrics and fittings. The crockery, cutlery and glassware are often fine china and crystal as per the individual passengers’ request or requirements.  A VIP/Corporate Air Hostess is responsible for ensuring the interior of the aircraft as well as any service equipment onboard is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards as these items are expensive and often not easily replaceable.

A Corporate Flight Attendant will often be the first person that the passenger sees and interacts with, therefore it is important to be immaculately dressed in the proper uniform and to greet the passengers professionally and warmly, and to make them feel welcome and comfortable in the aircraft throughout their flight.

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