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Flight Attendant

A tourist can choose where they want to travel to, but as a Flight Attendant you go where the Airline you work for sends you.

From short haul/domestic flights to long-haul/International flights, the passengers that Flight Attendants interact with, are diverse and from a multitude of different cultures, and this is perhaps the most exciting aspect of being a Cabin Crew Member. Cultural differences are what makes our world so special!

As a Flight Attendant you should be aware of the cultures and traditions of different countries, and always remember that when you are in a foreign country you are visiting as a guest, and should respect the culture, rules and regulations (if any) of that country. When you travel overseas you must bear in mind that some country’s laws and regulations can be vastly different to what you are used to, and even if they do not necessarily make sense, they must be obeyed.

International flights have numerous rules and regulations that must be adhered to, as failure to do so could result in monetary fines, denied entry into a country, illness etc.  In preparation for travelling to another country the following should be checked: passport and visa requirements, customs and immigration, crew and passenger manifest requirements, health and/or immunisation requirements. Travel agents are a good source of information for these requirements for passengers.

Flight Attendants will be advised with regards any of the abovementioned by the Airline they operate for, and generally, arrangements will be made by the Airline to assist with obtaining any visas or other travel documentation required for Flight Crew.

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