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The Life of a Flight Attendant

The life of a Flight Attendant is quite unique. It is not merely a “job” but a lifestyle – a lifestyle of people, planes, travel and adventure.  It requires flexibility and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it!

It requires a genuine desire and willingness to serve others, which can be a challenge when jetlag sets in – it’s not unusual to have breakfast at home, lunch in the air (often grabbing a snack between services in the galley), and then dinner in another country which is on a different time-zone completely. The passion and true willingness to serve others becomes apparent, especially when one is tired. So emotional maturity and an even temper are a must for anyone wishing to become an Air Hostess.

It is essential to be able and willing to pack a suitcase at a moment’s notice, and to be prepared for climate and temperature differences, depending on the flight’s destination and lay-over time. Cabin Crew often have the widest variety of clothes all packed into one suitcase and are well known for finding the best shopping spots in any country or town for those “must have” items.

Having a valid passport is a MUST for International flights. Some countries insist on visas for Crew as well as passengers, and all immigration, customs, health and immunisation requirements for each country must be adhered to. Flight Crew Members may often enter and exit a country by means of a General Declaration (a list of all crew names and details) whilst on flying duty depending on the country and their requirements.

Hotel accommodation is provided by the Airline, as well as transportation to and from the airport and hotel. The standard of the accommodation provided is generally of a high standard with easily accessible restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities for the crew.

Airlines require that all flight crew wear a uniform which is issued by the Company, and therefore the crew project the Airline’s image in a very public way.  Cabin Crew are very often the first company representative passengers will meet and how the crew present themselves will have a lasting impression, so a clean, neat and professional appearance is vital, and a Crew uniform should always be worn with pride and in accordance with the Company Uniform Regulations.

Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Training will include all areas of Emergency Procedures Training to ensure a consistent high safety standard within the Aviation industry.  Training courses with regards Service Training, Passenger Handling, and other skills required for a Flight Attendant are also an important part of the training process.

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