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What happens When...

What happens When...for Flight Attendants

Regardless of the time of day or the flight schedule ahead, a Flight Attendant always arrives for duty in full uniform, groomed and ready for duty.

After completion of the relevant paperwork required by the Airline, and once the Pre-Flight briefings have been completed, the Flight Crew head out to the aircraft.

Once onboard the aircraft, and once all the crew’s baggage has been correctly stowed away, the Cabin Crew will conduct pre-flight checks on all their safety equipment and will perform a security check in the aircraft cabin, galley and toilet areas.

The catering loaded in the galleys must be checked and counted to ensure that adequate supplies (food and beverages) have been loaded for the number of passengers expected for the flight, as well as the crew meals for all the Flight Crew during the flight.

At this time the passengers booked for the flight will be checking in at the check-in counters, proceeding through security, and complying with any immigration and customs formalities if applicable.

The passengers will board the aircraft as soon as the Ground Handling Staff are advised that the Flight Crew are ready to receive their passengers.  The Cabin Crew will be in the aisles during boarding of passengers to greet them and to assist them with finding their seats and stowing their hand luggage.

When the boarding of the passengers is complete, and all the relevant paperwork has been completed, and the Pilot in Command gives the go-ahead, the aircraft cabin doors are closed, and the Cabin Crew commence with the Safety Announcements and Demonstrations, and on completion of these will perform Pre-take off checks to ensure that all passengers have complied with the safety requirements.  The Cabin Crew then take up their jump seats for take-off.

Once the aircraft is airborne, and the pilots have switched off the seatbelt signs, the Cabin Crew will then commence offering the inflight service to the passengers.

Air Hostesses are well trained to offer passengers an efficient, friendly and professional inflight service, as well as to ensure their safety at any time and in all circumstances.

As the aircraft commences decent for landing at its destination, the Flight Attendants will clear all catering items from the aircraft cabin and prepare the cabin and the passengers for landing.

On arrival at the destination and the aircraft doors have been opened and the Ground Staff have indicated that it is safe to do so, the passengers disembark the aircraft and go into the airport terminal building to collect their checked-in baggage.

The Cabin Crew will check the aircraft cabin, galleys and toilet areas to ensure that no passengers have left any of their personal belongings behind.

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