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EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College are training providers accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, TETA, ETDP and CATHSSETA. Accreditation Numbers: SACAA - CAA/0103, SACAA/DG/0018, CAA/10912/ASTO, TETA 12-215, ETDP 17644 and CATHSSETA 613P/000253/2015.

About EPT

EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College were established in 2009 and rapidly became known for their innovation and market leadership. EPT Aviation Training set the standard, by being the first company in South Africa (inclusive of Airline Operators) to receive accreditation to offer an eLearning Cabin Crew Licensing Course.

With years of experience in both the Aviation and Tourism industries, EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College offer exceptional courses aimed to equip their learners with the best quality training by knowledgeable facilitators while making learning a fun and exciting experience.

EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College are leaders in the Aviation and Travel industries within South Africa, specialising in the following courses:

In 2017, Comair Limited acquired EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College. Comair Limited, has subsequently opened up a world class and industry first aviation training academy in South Africa (Alt. Academy).

  • Our learners are trusted and employed by numerous Airlines as they are adequately prepared for the working environment
  • Learners are given the opportunity to undertake a flight on either kulula.com or British Airways (operated by Comair) to observe the life of a flight attendant
  • We have an aircraft available on our premises at Denel which allows for learning to take place in a real-life environment
  • We have a cabin simulator at our premises at Comair Training Centre
  • A success rate of 99% of our learners writing the SACAA exam
  • We honour our learners by having a graduation ceremony on successful completion of their training
  • We compile our learners CV’s together with professionally taken photographs
  • Interviewing Skills Training to prepare our learners for the workplace

EPT Aviation Training now falls under Alt. Academy’s Cabin Crew and Ground Handling faculty and Global Training College falls under Alt. Academy’s Travel, Tourism & Hospitality faculty.

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